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Money & costs


In 2007 four zeros were lopped off the value of the old Ghana cedi (divided into 100 pesewas), making it the highest-value currency in West Africa. For the most part, Ghanaians have adjusted, but you’ll still hear people asking for C10,000 when they really want C1.

> The best currencies to bring are US dollars, UK pounds and euros, in that order.
> Barclays is the only bank to exchange travellers cheques; there is a maximum of US$250 per transaction.
> Foreign-exchange bureaus are dotted around most major towns: note that they give lower exchange rates for small USD denominations, so pack your $50 and $100 notes.
> There are ATMs virtually everywhere; almost every bank accepts Visa. Stanbic accepts Mastercard and Maestro.
> Midrange and top-end hotels tend to accept credit cards, but at a surcharge.