Nationalpark Kellerwald-Edersee

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Nationalpark Kellerwald-Edersee information

Hesse's first national park, established in 2004, encompasses the Kellerwald , one of the largest extant red-beech forests in Central Europe, and the Edersee , a serpentine artificial reservoir 55km northeast of Marburg and about the same distance southwest of Kassel. Animals such as red deer roam the park, while honey buzzards, eagles and various species of bat might be seen overhead. Keep an eye out for vibrantly mottled fire salamanders in the park's many spring-fed creeks.

For information and insights into the area's ecosystems, head to the striking visitors centre at the western end of the Edersee, on the northern edge of Kirchlotheim. Here and at other points you can rent e-bikes and ride around the lake on a comfortable day tour, changing the battery at points along the way. Bike trails also run through the forest itself, and the park’s lush landscapes offer excellent hiking. Walking trails include the Kellerwaldsteig (marked ‘K’) and the Urwaldsteig-Edersee (marked ‘UE’). Shorter hiking circuits are marked with animal or plant icons. The lake has swimming, canoeing and sailing.

Buses lead into the park from the train stations in Bad Wildungen and Frankenberg, and from Korbach, which is linked to Kassel by the RE04 train. Bus 555 links the NationalparkZentrum with both Frankenberg and Korbach. A one-way ticket with the train and bus from Kassel to Korbach and on to the national park office costs €16; the trip takes 2¾ hours. Bus 521 goes from Bad Wildungen to the Edersee.

Nordhessische Verkehrsbund operates public transport into the park.