Altstadt information

Lonely Planet review

Despite WWII bombing, Hanover’s restored old town remains appealingly quaint. The red-brick, Gothic Marktkirche in the market square has original elements, as do both the Altes Rathaus (begun 1455), across the market, and the nearby Ballhof (1649–64), a hall originally built for 17th-century badminton-type games. An entire row of half-timbered houses has been re-created along Kramerstrasse and Burgstrasse near the Marktkirche, and here you also find Leibnizhaus , once the home of mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), with its reconstructed Renaissance facade. In front of the Leibnizhaus is the Oskar-Winter-Brunnen . If you make a wish and turn the small brass ring embedded in the ironwork three times, local lore has it that your wish will come true.