Backpacking alone - what to do/thoughts

Hi guys. I'm 19, first-time-backpacker, from Canada. Looking to spend 3 weeks or so backpacking through Germany in the Spring. Ideally, starting in Munich-heading to Nuremberg-Dresden-Berlin... For those of you who have done this trip, possibly alone, what were your thoughts? Did you book everything in advance, or go with the wind.... I like the idea of booking everything...but then again, if a cool opportunity came up, it would be cool to go with that. Thoughts and/or stories would be cool.…


Berlin Spreepark - recent info on where/when/how to enter?

Hi all,

So when I'm in Berlin I reaaaally want to visit Spreepark/Kulturpark Plänterwold, it looks so wonderfully desolate. I know you're not technically allowed to enter (most of the time), I also know pretty much every urban explorer and photographer does it anyway, and I know the situation there tends to be quite changeable (fence, guards etc.). So: anyone been recently? Any ideas on whether/when there are guards and how to avoid them, or where to hop the fence? What happens if they catch…


Berlin cafés/bakeries open EARLY on a Sunday?

Hi everyone,

My friend and I are going to Berlin by train, we took the cheap option night train which is all great, except I just realised we are arriving at 4.30 in the morning on Sunday, and it will be freezing. Great travel planning so far :D does anyone know of places we could go for coffee/breakfast later on or just to warm up? It doesn't have to be right when we arrive, I realise that may be a bit difficult, but as early as possible would be great.
Many thanks



Trip to Berlin.

Hello everyone, before I go on I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

I am looking to go to Berlin in February between the 21st and the 24th. I've saved up £300 to use for the trip but would love to keep my spending under that if possible.

Firstly, I have found flights into Berlin schönefeld airport for £90 return which is the cheapest I could find. Is this a pretty good price for that time or year or should I look elsewhere?

Next, I am looking to stay in a hostel, as I am 17…


Berlin guys night dinner & entertainment

Hi there

Group of us heading to Berlin in March for a stag party.

Looking for a venue for dinner with attractive waitresses where maybe the specialise in meals for groups of lads?

Not interested in the late night pole dancing or more hardcore scene. The above dinner option is a good compromise option for us if it can be found in Berlin?

I've googled and found a few websites specialising in stag parties but would be great to hear from someone with first hand experience.

Many thanks for your…


Itinerary help

My husband and I will be traveling to Germany September 18 to the 30th. We will rent a car and arrive in Frankfurt and depart Munich. The main places we are hoping to visit are the rhine river staying in kamp bornhofen at a castle. We also want to go to Interlaken switzerland, Salzburg Austria and the king Ludwig castle. I am wondering about Baden Baden or Rothenburg and the Romantic Road. We will be going to octoberfest in Munich. Any suggestions as to which places to visit and the order that…


European castle tours southern Bavaria castles tour

First time here.
My wife and are looking at taking, our first trip to Europe, the Bavarian Castles tour, king Ludwig II's castles and the Bavarian lakes, put on by Astrid Baur, next September 2015. This tour uses a local landhaus as a base to tour from. Other types of tours may use the bus as the base to tour from, covering a much mor extensive area.
It would be greatly appreciated if any one whom has been on both or other types of tours could provide some insight. We are in are late…


Räuchermännchen - christmas smokers (figures)

Hi there,

I am wondering where to buy a Räuchermännchen of good quality that is not too expensive, to have it sent to Spain. I have seen them at Erzgebirge-Palace website but medium size smokers are about 45 euro; they look of very good quality but it seems expensive. Are there sales for this after christmas or at any german website that I will not know?

Kind regards and thanks in advance!

Merry Christmas!


Germany in Summer before I sign my life away

Hi Guys,

I don't want to keep you guys too long here, any advice would be amazing!

I graduate in June and am looking to start a graduate job in September so really want to have one last blast at a bit of travelling. Now because I will graduate with little money I plan to work for a couple of months whilst saving up for a trip around Germany. Now here's where you come in...

I plan to spend three/four weeks away and want to hire a car and drive and camp around Germany. I was wondering if any…


New years in Berlin

Heading to Berlin from Dec 28- Jan 2. Any watchouts on things that will close during that time so we can plan accordingly? Anything interesting that's happening in that timeframe?

Also looking for recommendations on where to spend New Years Eve. Two single women in our 30s, not German-speaking. We're staying in an apt in Prenzlaurberg.