Süllberg Hill

Süllberg Hill information

Hamburg , Germany
Getting there
Bus: dBlankenese, then48 to Krögers Treppe or Weseberg
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Once, a former fishing village and haven for cut-throats, the suburb Blankenese now boasts some of the finest and most expensive houses in Germany. For visitors, the area's attraction lies in its hillside labyrinth of narrow, cobbled streets, with a network of 58 stairways (4864 steps in total!) connecting them.

The best views of the Elbe (nearly 3km wide here) and the container ships putting out to sea are enjoyed from the 75m-high Süllberg hill (head through the restaurant at the summit). Getting off bus 48 at Weseberg - having passed the clutch of beachfront restaurants and cafés and reached the summit of the following hill - you'll see a sign pointing to the nearby Süllberg. If you alight at Krögers Treppe, head up the Bornholldt Treppe and Süllbergweg. Alternatively, you can get off once the road starts winding and just explore.