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Prora information

Binz , Germany
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Prora was going to be the largest holiday camp in the world, according to the Nazis. The beach just north of Binz still bears testament to this: running parallel to the beautiful coast is a wall of six hideous six-storey buildings, each 500m long. Begun in 1936, this was intended as a Kraft-durch-Freude (strength through joy) resort for 20,000 people. The outbreak of WWII stopped its completion; no one has known what to do with it since. Much of it is a moody partial-ruin, with the echos of jackboots not far off.

There are a few minor-league museums and one standout: the Macht Urlaub , a sober and very well-done look at the Nazis and the role Prora played in their 'strength through joy' schemes. You can easily spend an hour or more fully engrossed in the exhibits. Use the Prora Nord stop on local trains or bus lines 20 or 23.