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Getting there & around

Both buses (10 GEL, four to five hours, about twice hourly from 8am to 7pm) and marshrutkas (10 GEL, four to 4½ hours, at least hourly, 7am to 8pm) to Kutaisi leave from Tbilisi Didube. Further marshrutkas leave from the rear of Tbilisi train station hourly from 8am to 6pm.

Buses and marshrutkas from Kutaisi’s main bus station (Chavchavadzis gamziri), next to Kutaisi-2 train station, go to Tbilisi (10 GEL, four to five hours, hourly from 7am to 7pm), Zugdidi (6 GEL, two hours, half-hourly, 6am to 5.30pm), Batumi (8 GEL, 2½ hours, every 30 or 40 minutes, 6.30am to 5pm), Poti (5 GEL, 2½ hours, hourly, 7am to 6pm) and Borjomi (8 GEL, three hours, five daily, 8am to 1.30pm).

Of Kutaisi’s two train stations, Kutaisi-1 (Tamar Mepe) has trains to Tbilisi (five to 5½ hours) at 12.30pm (3rd-/2nd-class 5/10.50 GEL) and 12.40am (3rd-class, 4.50 GEL), and to Zugdidi (four hours) at 12.30pm. From Kutaisi-2 (Chavchavadzis gamziri) there’s an elektrichka to Tbilisi at 4.55am and a train to Batumi (four hours) at 5.45pm.

Kutaisi-2 is also the best place to look for long-distance taxis.

Bus 1 (0.20 GEL) runs a useful circular route (in both directions) between Kutaisi-2, Kutaisi-1 and the city centre (west end of Paliashvili). At Kutaisi-2 or the bus station, catch it on the far side of the road (Chavchavadze), going to the left, for the quicker route to the centre.

City taxis generally charge 0.60 GEL per kilometre.