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This 285-sq-km national park encompasses three separate areas of coastline and wetlands north and southeast of Poti. It’s the southeastern area, focused on Lake Paliastomi, which is of most interest to visitors, thanks to its large bird population. More than 190 species have been sighted in the park. The best months to visit are September and October, when large and small raptors can be seen migrating southwards, and January to May, when swans, geese, ducks, other water birds and even rare pelicans, storks and booted eagles gather to winter here. The area is also a paradise for frogs (the cacophony in the mating season can be tremendous). Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote that the people here lived in the bogs, making houses out of the materials found here, travelling in boats, and drinking rainwater. (He also commented that the people were so tall and so fat you couldn’t see their faces!)