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Visas are required by all travellers and must be obtained before arrival; they are not available at the airport or at border crossings. Getting a visa to Gabon is notoriously difficult and expensive. From countries outside Africa it can cost more than US$100. Unless you’re flying straight to Libreville from Europe, it is best to apply for one at the Gabonese embassy in a nearby African country, where it only takes a couple days and costs around US$50.

Gabon is one of the few countries that may insist on seeing an outgoing plane ticket or other proof of onward travel before issuing a visa, as well as an invitation from a hotel or company in Gabon.

At Sedoc in Libreville you can obtain visa extensions.

Visas for onward travel

Visas for the following countries are available from embassies in Libreville:

Cameroon Visas are required by all travellers to Cameroon; they’re available (usually quickly) for around US$60. Visas for Cameroon are also available at the various borders.

Congo All visitors to Congo need a visa. A one-month visa (US$120) can be issued by the embassy the same day or the next day. You can also buy a 15-day, multiple-entry visa on arrival at the border for approximately US$70, but you must have your yellow fever certificate with you.

Equatorial Guinea Visas are required for all except Americans, though many embassies outside the country are not always aware of this exemption, and officers on the ground will be suspect. Visas can be purchased at the embassy for up to US$70. Obtaining a visa can be a long process and may require having an invitation from an organisation in the country. Expect many trips and long waits.

São Tomé & Príncipe Visas are required by everyone and cost in the range of US$30 to US$60. One-day express visas can be purchased for US$60.