Your favourite destinations September 3rd-11th


You may have noticed around the Lonely Planet website that you can save your favourite places. The destinations that come top of the pops vary week to week, depending on the season or whether newsworthy things have happened in those places, or just according to where Lonely Planet travellers happen to like this week. Because we know you love lists, we thought we would share the results with you. Here are the chart-toppers last week (3rd-11th September 2009):

  1. Rome (new entry)
  2. Paris (new entry
  3. New York City (up 5 places)
  4. Thailand (down 4 places)
  5. Japan (up 6 places)
  6. Ho Chi Minh City (new entry)
  7. Vietnam (up to places)
  8. Venice (new entry)
  9. Bangkok (up 6 places)
  10. Barcelona (non-mover)

Your favourites not on there? If you want to influence the list for next week, you can save destinations to your own favourites - look for the 'save' button in the green bar near the destination name (you'll have to register or log in). You can create your own trip plan as well once you have a list of favourites.