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Lonely Planet review

There are several covered shopping arcades off bd Montmartre , and walking through them is like stepping back into the sepia-toned Paris of the early 19th century. The passage des Panoramas , which was opened in 1800 and received Paris' first gas lighting in 1817, was expanded in 1834 with the addition of four other interconnecting passages: Feydeau, Montmartre, St-Marc and Variétés. The arcades are open till about midnight.

On the northern side of bd Montmartre, between Nos 10 and 12, is passage Jouffroy, which leads across rue de la Grange Batelière to passage Verdeau. Both contain shops selling antiques, old postcards, used and antiquarian books, gifts, pet toys, imports from Asia and the like. These arcades are open until 10pm.