Le Dôme

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Lonely Planet review

A 1930s art deco extravaganza, Le Dôme is a monumental place for a meal service of the formal white-tablecloth and bow-tied waiter variety. It’s one of the swishest places around for shellfish platters piled high with fresh oysters, king prawns, crab claws and so on, followed by traditional creamy home-made millefeuille for dessert, wheeled in on a trolley and cut in front of you.

The brasserie is awash with history: so the stories go, it was here that Gertrude Stein allegedly convinced Henri Matisse to open his artists’ academy – only for Matisse to later add his voice to the Testimony against Gertrude Stein pamphlet, published in 1935, condemning Stein’s interpretation of how cubism emerged and her own influence in its emergence in her 1933 Autobiography of Alice B Toklas .