Roman Ruins

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Lonely Planet review

Fréjus’ Roman ruins are not as well preserved as those found in Arles or Orange, but their abundance bears witness to the importance of Forum Julii, with its strategic location on Via Aurelia and its port. The best way to appreciate this heritage is to join the guided tours run by the tourist office .

At the southeastern edge of the old city is the 3rd-century Porte d’Orée, the only remaining arcade of monumental Roman thermal baths. North of the old town are the ruins of a Théâtre Romain. Part of the stage and the theatre’s outer walls are all that remain. Similarly, crumbling outer walls are all that are left of the 1st-century arènes (amphitheatre), which once sat 10,000 and has now been entirely renovated as a modern outdoor venue.

Northeast, towards La Tour de Mare, you'll pass a section of a 40km-long aqueduc , which once carried water to Roman Fréjus.