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Lyon , France
begin at 27 rue du Bœuf
push the intercom button to buzz open the door
Guided Tours: Full €9.00, Students, Children €5.00
Opening hours
Enquire at the tourist office for guided tours
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There's more to parts of Lyon than meets the eye. Beneath the city in Vieux Lyon and Croix Rousse, dark and dingy traboules wind their way through apartment blocks, under streets and into courtyards. In all, 315 passages link 230 streets and have a combined length of 50km. Genuine traboules cut from one street to another, often wending their way up fabulous spiral staircases en route. Passages that fan out into a courtyard or lead into a cul de sac are not traboules, but rather miraboules .

The tourist office runs guided traboule tours and distributes a free map of Croix-Rousse and Vieux Lyon marked up with all the traboules alongside interesting courtyards, building façades and staircases.