Forum Marinum

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Turku , Finland
Linnankatu 72
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adult/child €8/5, incl museum ships €16/10, museum ships each €6/4
Opening hours
11am-7pm May-Sep, 11am-6pm Tue-Sun Oct-Apr, museum ships 11am-7pm Jun-Aug
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Partly housed in an old granary, this excellent maritime museum offers a comprehensive look at ships and shipping, from scale models to full-sized vessels. Anchored outside is a small fleet of museum ships , which you can climb aboard. The mine-layer Keihässalmi and the corvette Karjala take you back to WWII, while the full-rigger Suomen Joutsen recalls more-carefree prewar days. The beautiful three-masted barque Sigyn (moored 500m upstream) was originally launched from Göteborg in 1887 and has well-preserved cabins.

Other highlights include the museum's hydrocopter, WWII torpedoes and multimedia displays, plus a cabin from a luxury cruise-liner (many of which were built in Turku). At the museum's cafe-restaurant, you’ll find its namesake Daphne, a cute little boat that was home to author Göran Schild.