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Introducing Kaustinen

Kaustinen is a small village 47km southeast of Kokkola. There isn't much to see in the village itself, so plan your visit around the superb Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in July. Such is the renown of this festival, the Peanuts cartoon character 'Woodstock' is called 'Kaustinen' in the Finnish translation.

The small tourist information office (Kaustintie 1) is easy to find in the centre. Nearby is the festival office, which handles accommodation during the event. The bus station, shops and services are all easily reached on foot.

The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival (860 4111; www.kaustinen.net; PL 11, 69601 Kaustinen) is one of the most beloved of summer festivals in Finland, attracting huge crowds. It's the place to be if you're interested in Finnish folk music and dance, since some 300 Finnish bands (and many international acts) perform more than 250 concerts during the week in mid-July. At any time between 10am and 3am there are several official concerts and half a dozen impromptu jam sessions going on. Folk dance performances are also an integral part of the festival, with everything from Celtic and Latin dancing alongside Finnish dance.