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Getting around

It is easy to get around central Suva on foot. Local buses are cheap and plentiful and depart from the main bus station. There are relatively few buses in the evening and barely any on Sundays.

Taxis are cheap for short trips ($3), and in Suva they actually use the meter! The city's one-way looping streets may make you think the taxi driver is taking you on a goose chase; drivers along Victoria Pde may get caught on a long run around the market and wharf area. Suva is not considered a safe place to wander around at night and you'd be nuts not to hop in a taxi. To order one call Jason's Taxis (337 2220), Carnarvon Taxi (331 5315), Sanyo Cabs (330 4541) or Piccadilly Taxis (330 4302; 24hr).