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Getting around

Taveuni's main road hugs its scenic coast from Lavena in the east, up north and around to Navakawau in the south. At the time of writing it was sealed from Matei to Wairiki. There are also a couple of inland 4WD tracks. Getting around Taveuni involves a bit of planning, the main disadvantage being the length of time between buses. To get around cheaply and quickly you need to combine buses with walking, or take taxis. You can rent 4WDs in Naqara; however, it's far cheaper to hire a taxi for the day.

Car & motorcycle


In Naqara, Budget Rent a Car (888 0291; gardenstate@connect.com.fj; Garden State Price Point; 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, till 1pm Sat & Sun) has 4WDs for $125 to $185 per day.

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Bus & tram


Local buses are the best way to meet locals. Pacific Transport (888 0278) has a depot in Naqara, opposite the Taveuni Central Indian School. From Monday to Saturday, buses run from Wairiki to Bouma at 8.30am, 11.30am and 4.20pm. The last bus continues to Lavena where the first bus of each morning starts out at 5.45am. On Tuesday and Thursday, all buses go as far as Lavena. On Sunday there is one bus at 3.30pm from Wairiki to Lavena and one from Lavena to Wairiki at 6.45am.

Going south from Naqara, buses run to Navakawau at 9am, 11.30am and 4.45pm Monday to Saturday, returning at 5.30am and 8.15am. On Sunday a bus departs Navakawau at 6.45am and returns from Naqara at 4pm. From Matei, buses run to Wairiki at 11.30am Monday to Saturday and also at 7am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, during school term times.

The bus schedule is very lax; buses may show up early or an hour late. Be sure to double check the time of the return bus when you board, just to make sure there is one.

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Local transport


It's easy to find taxis in the Matei and Waiyevo areas. It may be wise to book ahead on Sunday. Hiring a taxi for a negotiated fee and touring most of the island's highlights in a day will work out cheaper than hiring a car. Try Nand Lal (888 0705). You may be able to get one for under $120 for the day; ask a local to negotiate it for you. For destinations such as Lavena you can go one way by bus and have a taxi pick you up at the end at a designated time (but arrange this before you go).

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