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Introducing Yap

Yap, the land of giant stone money, is a wondrous place, one that will leave a deep impression on you for years to come.

This is the most traditional district in the whole of the FSM, a place where the caste system survives and village chiefs still hold as much political clout as elected public officials.

It's a place where, when you step off the plane, you'll catch your first glimpse of men and boys wearing bright-coloured loincloths, or of Yapese women wearing only woven hibiscus skirts, greeting incoming passengers. And everyone, including the very official-looking customs officers, will have a cheek bulging with betel nut.

Out in the villages, connected by centuries-old stone footpaths, faluw (men's houses) can be found, constructed in the elaborate, traditional style of wood, thatch, rope and bamboo.

The people love their culture and they'll love you, too, asking only that you tread with respect.