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Getting there & around

Weno's airport is smack in the centre of town. Taxis wait out front, but most hotels provide airport transfers if given notice.

Commuter boats and private speedboats regularly journey between the main lagoon islands and Weno. Note that these depart from the islands for Weno in the morning, leaving Weno in the afternoon for the return journey; this makes it difficult to plan a day trip. You'll therefore need to plan an overnight stay, and this could be unwise, considering the Chuukese way.

Ask at the visitor information centre for advice and help in maybe finding a sponsor. If this is all too much, try the dive shops for tour information.

For Weno car rentals, try Chuuk Star (330 2040), J & R Rentals (330 2215), the Kurassa Hotel (330 4415) or the Truk Stop hotel (330 4232).