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Family travel

Family travel

Broaden your horizons by travelling as a family.

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I wanna hold your hand, Ubud, Bali

Story behind the picture

“The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, located at the end of Monkey Forest Road in Ubud, was the first place I went to when I arrived in Bali. As a first-time visitor who didn’t know much about Bali, I was stunned by the place. Green moss covered the damp ground in every direction. The forest is home to hundreds of monkeys and I spotted these two young ones holding hands. They seemed to enjoy observing the bigger monkeys playing high up in the trees above. They didn’t have peace for long, though, and were soon chased away by their big brothers. Spending the afternoon with these animals, I was amazed how similar they seem to us.” We’d love to include your best new travel photos (at 300dpi) and the inspiring stories behind them. Send them with a pic of yourself to postcards@lptraveller.co.uk