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Falkland Islands

Getting there & away

The vast majority of visitors to the Falklands arrive by ship, often on voyages that also visit South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

If you wish to fly to the Falklands, there are only two options. Britain’s Royal Air Force makes six flights per month from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to Mt Pleasant International Airport in the Falklands. Only 28 seats on each flight are reserved for nonmilitary personnel; sometimes even those can be unexpectedly closed off, so it’s wise to book well ahead, particularly during the summer. The 18-hour flight includes a two-hour refueling stop on tiny Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. Bookings can be made via the Travel Coordinator in the Falkland Islands Government Office (44-20-7222-2542; travel@falklands.gov.fk; Falkland House, 14 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0BH, United Kingdom).

LanChile operates just one weekly flight between Punta Arenas, Chile and the Falklands, in part because the Argentine government will only allow one flight to the Falklands to overfly its territory each week. (Charter flights from Argentina to the Falklands are not permitted, either.) The Airbus A320 flights depart on Saturday and last one hour and 40 minutes. From the US, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, including Britain, you can connect to the LanChile flight via Santiago.