Isle of Dogs

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London , England
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Train: DLR Westferry, West India Quay, Canary Wharf
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The centrepiece of the Isle of Dogs is Cesar Pelli’s 244m-high Canary Wharf Tower , which was built in 1991. It’s surrounded by more recent towers housing HSBC and Citigroup, and offices for Bank of America, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and more. Londoners are divided on their appreciation of this area, though despite its soullessness, it is noteworthy for its radical development.

Pundits can’t really agree on whether this is really an island; strictly speaking it’s a peninsula of land on the northern shore of the Thames, though without modern road and transport links it would almost be separated from the mainland at West India Docks. And etymologists are still out to lunch over the origin of the island’s name. Some believe it’s because the royal kennels were located here during the reign of Henry VIII. Others maintain it’s a corruption of the Flemish word dijk (dyke), recalling the Flemish engineers who shored up the area’s muddy banks.