North York Moors - around April - without a car - Where to stay?

Hi all,

I'm planning to spend a couple of days in The North York Moors. Without a car, where's the best base to explore the region? (I'm looking for great walks in the region)



New Years Eve in London, where to eat, where to go

Hi all,
This post is also posted in the Get Stuffed category:
A friend and I have just booked an impulsive three day trip to London. We arrive mid-day 31 December, and now we are in need for some insight on where we should try to book our New Years Eve dinner. Both are quite interested in food, and not picky!
I of course realise that we are more than a little late with our booking, hence this Mayday to you guys..
Would also be more than grateful if you had any tips on things to do and places…


Watching The Boat Race on TV April 2015

We will be in London the day of The Boat Race. We are looking for the ultimate bar/pub/cafe, where we can watch the Race on TV. Any suggestions?


Shoreditch, London

Hey there Thorn Tree,

Traveling to London soon and made a reservation to check out Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium (cat cafe) in Shoreditch and was looking for other suggestions for the area. Heard it was eclectic and the place to see, along with Brick Lane. Interested in books, bars, foodspots, etc and would love advice on tattoo parlors as well. Looking to get my first tattoo in London, nothing big or intricate just a small wrist tattoo. Also get great advice from the forum so thought I'd ask!


Working Holiday Visa for US Citizen (UK and Australia Questions)

Hello fellow travelers,

I am considering to work in London or Australia (preferably Melbourne or Sydney). I am:
* 30 years old
*US Citizen
* had previous experience in biotechnology industry
* would love to live elsewhere

My questions:
1) For UK and Australia, Is it best to obtain a working holiday visa first before applying for a potential job opportunities?
2) For UK, I understand that USA is not included to the countries listed in Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) Visa- Is there work…


LHR Terminal 4 ATM,s

Have scrolled to page 5 on this forum & cant see suitable result
OK i land at LHR T4 and as my Australian banks gives me Barclay Bank fee free ($5)
i obviously prefer them.
My cash needs for arrival at 3pm will be £25 for Oyster card and enough for light tea
and a bevy.
Now i believe T3 has one so does any one know if T4 also
I have a lazy £55 from a trip 3 yrs back which may hold me over till next day
Any heads up on T4 Barclay


Sauna in London

I am looking for a sauna near Pccadilly Circus area. I a have a Japanese friend moving there, who is looking for something similar to Japanese bath houses. I was thinking maybe gyms in the area might have sauna facilities? I know it won't be the same as a sento, but would be a good option. Cheers for the advice.


8 hours long Heathrow layover in Dec 25th

Hello everyone

I'll be travelling back from Japan to Brazil in December 25th with a layover in Heathrow from 1pm to 9pm.
Considering that I manage to clean off customs in one hour and get back to the airport two hours before my flight, it would give me around 5 free hours, so I planned to see something in London. I don't really expect to find any place or atractions open, so I guess it would be a simple stroll around Westminster Palace area to see Big Ben, London Eye...
Do you think it sounds…


London underground bit bewildering

First post so hope i get it right as i went back a bit and could not see anything
that fitted my querie.
Arrive LHR Terminal 4 with the plan to head to Central London by tube
and trying to see where i change from the Picadilly Line to Central Line
a bit confusing.
So at what station do i leave Picadilly Line to join Central Line as my hotel
right close to Lancaster Gate
Appreciate advise


Christmas in Oxfordshire and London

Hello travellers,

My family and I will be spending some time in Oxford and London (Greenwich) for Christmas season. Outside of obvious tourist attractions I am wondering if anyone can advise us on activities, exhibits and other things we should do while we are in England. My parents are not as nimble as they once were, and we have two toddlers in tow, but we are still an energetic bunch.

Also any tips for activities with children are appreciated, or if there are any particularly…