Parque Nacional Montecristo-El Trifinio

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El Salvador
+503 2267 6259
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US$6.00 per person per day, US$1.15 per vehicle
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area above Los Planes closed May-Nov
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The borders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala converge at a point which has an elevation of 2400m (7900ft), receives 200cm (80in) annual precipitation and has 100% humidity - ideal conditions for a cloud forest. Parque Nacional Montecristo-El Trifinio sits right in its middle. Get permission from the National Parks and Wildlife Service and take a look.

In the Montecristo cloud forest, oak and laurel trees grow to 30m (98ft) and their leaves form a canopy impenetrable to sunlight.

Ferns, orchids, mushrooms and mosses coat the forest floor, and the local wildlife includes rare and protected spider monkeys, two-fingered anteaters, pumas, agoutis, toucans and striped owls.