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Getting there & around

Usulután's main bus terminal is 1.5km east of the parque central. To get there costs US$2 in a taxi. Buses for Puerto El Triunfo and Playa El Espino leave from separate lots, also on the highway but closer to town. San Miguel buses use a terminal west of Usulután proper. Fortunately, almost all buses pass through town on their way out, so you don't have to go to the various terminals to catch them. (Of course, you're more likely to get a seat if you do.) Buses to San Salvador, Puerto El Triunfo and Alegría all take 4a Calle west through town, picking up passengers along the way. The terminal for San Miguel buses is west of town; buses pick up passengers all along 1a Calle Ote, a block south of the parque central, plus in front of the main bus terminal. Buses from Usulután travel to the following destinations:

Alegría US$0.95, one hour; take any Berlín bus, or take any Santiago de María bus and transfer

Berlín Bus 348; US$1.10, 1¼ hours, every one to 1½ hours from 6am to 4pm

La UniónTake any San Miguel bus and transfer

Playa El Cuco Take any San Miguel bus to El Delirio (US$0.70) and transfer to bus 320

Playa El Espino Bus 351/358; US$1.10, 1½ hours, 6:20am, 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:40pm and 2:40pm; catch from a small lot 100m west of the main bus terminal, or if you take bus 358, transfer to bus 358B at turnoff to Jucurán (one hour)

Puerto El Triunfo Bus 363; US$0.50, one hour, every 10 minutes from 4:25am to 5:30pm; catch on 4a Calle Ote or at small lot east of town, across highway from Despensa de Don Juan supermarket

San Miguel Bus 373; US$0.70, 1½ hours, every 10 minutes from 3:50am to 6pm

San Salvador Bus 302; directo US$1.50, 2½ hours, every 10 minutes from 3:20am to 4:30pm; especial US$2, 1½ hours, every 30 minutes from 5:10am to 8:50am, plus 11:25am, 1pm and 2:15pm (or take bus 302C; US$2.50, three hours, 12:15pm and 1:45pm; arrives at Terminal del Ote via Santiago de Maria)

San Vicente Bus 417; US$1.25, 2¼ hours, 8:20am, 10am, 11am, 11:40am, 2:20pm and 4pm

Santiago de María Bus 392C, 35, 348 or 349; US$0.75, 40 minutes

Villa El Triunfo/Carr Panamericana Bus 349; US$0.82, one hour, every 15 minutes from 4:30am to 5:30pm

Zacatecoluca US$0.65, 1½ hours; take any San Vicente or San Salvador bus except bus 302C