Qarat Qasr Salim

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Bawiti , Egypt
Sharia Yusef Salim
Bawiti joint site ticket adult/student E£60/30
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This small mound amid the houses of Bawiti is likely to have been built upon centuries of debris. There are two well-preserved 26th-dynasty tombs here that were robbed in antiquity and reused as collective burial sites in Roman times. Both are home to some excellently preserved and colourful wall paintings.

The rock-cut Tomb of Zed-Amun-ef-ankh gives a glimpse of Bahariya in its heyday, the vibrant tomb paintings hinting at the wealth of its former occupant. Next to it lies the Tomb of Bannentiu , Zed-Amun-ef-ankh’s son. Consisting of a four-columned burial chamber with an inner sanctuary, it is covered in fine reliefs depicting Bannentiu with the god Khons and goddesses Isis and Nephthys.