Where to go in April


Planning to go tripping in April? In an extract from the January 2010 issue of Lonely Planet Magazine, we've got the best places to head for - and the best place to avoid!

1. Cuba

Castro's island is on good form – the weather is warm and the hurricane season is still a good two months away. Check out the beach at Playas del Este – it's where the locals go on their day off.

2. Egypt

April is Egypt's low season, with relatively few tourists. A good time to see the pyramids – but take a trip out to the Tombs of the Nobles too. Some of the best but least visited attractions on the Nile's west bank at Luxor, the tombs are decorated with wonderfully detailed scenes from the nobles' daily lives.

3. England

An English spring is a fine thing – the air is crisp and mild, and the lambs are contractually obliged to frolic. Pay a visit to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire to see the bluebells in full splendid bloom.

4. Japan

The blaze of pink and white cherry blossom (sakura) that sweeps across Japan in the spring is a botanical event to rival New England's autumnal colour bursts. The blossom starts at the south of the islands and works its way up – try visiting Lake Kawaguchi to see the trees framed by a view of Mount Fuji.

Avoid – South America!

There's hot, and then there's blistering, sweltering, broiling...the humidity doesn't help either. It might make a nice contrast to the normal British washout, but basically unless you've got pores of steel, avoid much of South America this month.