Assasif Tombs

Assasif Tombs information

Luxor , Egypt
Kheruef & Mntophaat E£40/20, Pabasa E£30/15
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This group of tombs, located near Deir al-Bahri, belongs to 18th-dynasty nobles, and 25th- and 26th-dynasty nobles under the Nubian pharaohs. The area is under excavation by archaeologists, but of the many tombs here only some are open to the public, including the Tombs of Kheruef and of Mntophaat and of Pabasa. Tickets are available at the ticket office of Deir al-Bahri (Temple of Hatshepsut).

The tomb of Kheruef is the largest 18th-dynasty noble’s tomb here in Thebes, and it has some of the finest examples of New Kingdom relief, unfortunately mostly in poor condition. Among the images are some showing the jubilee celebration of Amenhotep III. The tomb of Pabasa, a 26th-dynasty priest, has wonderful scenes of agriculture, including bee-keeping, hunting and fishing.