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Introducing El Alamein

This small coastal outpost is famed for the decisive victory doled out here by the Allies during WWII. More than 80,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the series of desert battles fought nearby which helped cement Allied control of North Africa. The thousands of graves in the Commonwealth, German and Italian war cemeteries in the vicinity of the town are a bleak reminder of the losses.

Much cheerier are the fine sands and heavenly water of the nearby beaches. Finding a place to access the sea is easier if you’re staying at one of the local resorts, but there are also a few places where independent visitors can get in the water.

It’s possible to stay overnight here and in nearby Sidi Abdel Rahman, but El Alamein is best visited as a day trip from Alexandria. Beaches aside, there really isn’t much that would detain any but the most enthusiastic of military historians for more than a few hours.