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Dahshur information

Greater Cairo , Egypt
adult/student E£60/30, parking E£5
Opening hours
8am-4pm, to 3pm during Ramadan
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About 10km south of Saqqara. lies this impressive 3.5km-long field of 4th- and 12th-dynasty pyramids. Although there were originally 11 pyramids here, only the two Old Kingdom ones remain intact. Pharaoh Sneferu (2613–2589 BC), father of Khufu, built Egypt’s first true pyramid here, the Red Pyramid , as well as an earlier version, the Bent Pyramid . These two striking pyramids are the same height, and together are also the third-largest pyramids in Egypt after the two largest at Giza.

The pyramids here are just as impressive as their counterparts at Giza, but the site is much more peaceful (no camel touts in sight). Before founding the necropolis at Dahshur, Sneferu also began the Pyramid of Meidum in Al-Fayoum.

The area surrounding the Bent Pyramid is still a militarised zone, so it can only be admired at a distance. Fortunately, the wonderful Red Pyramid is open to visitors.

Tickets are purchased at a small gatehouse on the edge of the site; there are no other facilities.