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The Oriente


The Oriente loves rain and gets plenty of it from April to July, its wettest months. Afternoon and evening rains are common throughout the year. Rubber boots are essential raingear and provide protection against snake bites as well. The driest months are August and between December and March. In some areas lagoons will dry up, tumbling waterfalls turn into trickles and long distance canoe rides turn epic because the river runs that much slower. Small rivers may become impassable when water levels decrease.

You’ll find a contrast between the sweltering flatlands (from the Coca area north toward Colombia and east to Peru) and cooler upland hills (around Tena, Misahuallí and Puyo). Damp jungle nights can feel downright chilly. Don’t forget a sweater, although you can probably leave the woolen poncho back in Otavalo!