Galapagos Explorer - Southern Islands (Queen Beatriz) Standard Twin

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1. Price includes Quito - Galapagos return flights. 2. Compulsory Galapagos park entry fee US$100 and Transit control card fee US$10 (subject to change) are payable locally to the relevant government authorities. 3. Prices for this trip vary depending on cabin type - please select your preferred cabin type for exact trip price. 4. Please note: this trip has an increased non-refundable deposit. 5. Dietary requirements need to be advised at least 10 days prior to departure so that any included meals can be properly catered for. 6. An airport arrival transfer is included. Please provide your flight details at the time of booking.


Discover the Old Town of Quito, See marine iguanas and playful sea lions sunning themselves on remote beaches, Meet ancient giant tortoises on Isla San Cristobal, Watch blue-footed boobies dance the booby two-step, Marvel at the twitchers' paradise of Espanola

Tour description provided by Intrepid

Explore the Galapagos and its native wildlife on a sailing trip around the south east of the archipelago. Meet the giant tortoises that inhabit Isla San Cristobal, watch blue-footed boobies dance the booby two-step and marvel in awe at the unfamiliar beauty that characterises these far-flung islands. Encounter the very same creatures that sparked Darwin’s imagination when he formulated his theories of evolution. There’s no spot on earth that is closer to the origins of the planet, where every step feels as though it’s through uncharted territory. Prepare to depart on the adventure of a lifetime and become a Galapagos Explorer.


Day 1 Quito
Quito is a cultured city with a wonderous Old Town, a dynamic nightlife and atmospheric streets showcasing Ecuadorian life in all its splendour.
Day 2 Baltra - Santa Cruz Highlands
The archipelago's main airport is on Isla Baltra - the gateway to the Galapagos. The Highlands of Santa Cruz are home to the unique Scalesia cloud forest where you will find different species of Darwin finches and possibly the world famous woodpecker.
Day 3 Santa Fe & South Plaza
Isla Santa Fe is a lovely place to take a dip with sea lions and its cacti forests are host to a unique sub-species of land iguanas. A small island of great natural beauty, Isla Plaza Sur features rugged cliffs, prickly pear cacti and a gathering of male sea lions known as 'the gentlemen’s club'.
Day 4 Espanola
Due to its remote location, Isla Espanola has a large population of endemic birdlife and its coastline provides excellent opportunities to see reef sharks, turtles and tropical fish. Gardner Beach is considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Galapagos Islands and full of California sea lions and Hood Mocking birds. A walk along the trails of Punta Suarez offers us some magical panoramas.
Day 5 Isla San Cristobal -Punta Pitt/Kicker Rock
The eastern-most island in the Galapagos, San Cristobal Island offers an array of animals and activities. An early morning walk with playful Sea Lions, Frigate Birds and Blue Footed Boobies, some snorkelling at Kicker Rock followed by a Panga Ride to Cerro Brujo where the volcanic formations are breathtaking.
Day 6 San Cristobal - Interpretation Center
San Cristobal's Interpretation Centre brings the history and geography of the Galapagos archipelago to life, from its volcanic origins to discovery, colonisation and the present day.
Day 7 Quito
Quito is a cultured city with a wonderous Old Town, a dynamic nightlife and atmospheric streets showcasing Ecuadorian life in all its splendour.