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Getting there & around

None of the main bus companies offers service to Cabarete – the closest bus depots are in Sosúa, where you can grab a gua-gua (US$0.30, 20 minutes) or taxi (US$12) to Cabarete. Heaps of gua-guas ply this coastal road, including east to Río San Juan (US$2.25, one hour) and west to Puerto Plata (US$1.75, one hour). Hail them anywhere along Cabarete’s main drag.

Transportation in town is dominated by motoconchos, who will attempt to charge you two to three times the price you’d pay for a similar ride in Puerto Plata. Don’t be surprised if you can’t haggle them down. A ride out to Encuentro should cost US$1.50, but will probably cost more like US$3.

A popular option for the many visitors who stay a week or longer is to rent a scooter or a motorcycle. Expect to pay around US$10 to US$15 per day, less if you rent for a week or more. There are lots of scooter-rental shops along the main drag, and some hotels rent two-wheeled transport too. Be aware that helmets are pretty much nonexistent in this country, so if that’s important to you consider bringing your own.

The motorcycle-shy can call a taxi (809-571-0767), which will cost US$8 to Encuentro, US$20 to the airport, and US$35 to Puerto Plata. There’s also a taxi stand in the middle of town.

If you want to rent a car the best place to do so is at the Puerto Plata airport when you arrive. If you’re already in town, you can take a gua-gua (US$0.60, 30 minutes) to the airport road (just past Sosúa), walk 500m to the terminal and shop around at the numerous car-rental agencies there.