Europe's most unusual hotels: #3


Lonely Planet Magazine put together their list of Europe’s 20 most unusual places to stay - beds in wine barrels, glass igloos in Lapland, that kind of thing. We picked our five favourites and we’re counting them down all this week.

Today, we're looking at a hotel that takes art to a whole new level. No meek little watercolours on the walls here...

Not many contemporary art galleries let you crawl inside your chosen masterpiece, but that is effectively what happens at Copenhagen's Hotel Fox.

The rooms are the work of 21 internationally renowned graphic artists and illustrators, and the dramatic results range from comic-book chic to faux fin-de-siecle creations. Far from the enervating anonymity of so many hotels, every single room in Hotel Fox has its own identity and name. Room 206 is called Ecstasy and is dominated by a sultry, wall-high, raven-haired siren. Just down the hall, room 202 - You Are a Baby - sends you back to your childhood playpen with a baby bedspread, a hanging mobile and bright primary colours. Then there's room 409, (Heidi), an over-the-top homage to rural Swiss life, complete with antlers. Aspiring pugilists will want to check into room 504 - it's got a boxing theme. Dream on.

Rooms are from £85. Want one? Book it right here.

Want to see what came in at #4? Check out this architectural wonderland in Madrid.

What beat this one out to take the #2 spot? Well, imagine sleeping in a room carved by fairies...

For the full rundown list of Europe’s maddest pads, take a look at the Lonely Planet Magazine.