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Lonely Planet review

Appropriately enough for such a neat and ordered country, Denmark doesn't end untidily at its most northerly point, but on a neat finger of sand just a few metres wide, known as Grenen. You can actually paddle at its tip where the waters of the Kattegat and Skagerrak clash and you can put one foot in each sea - but not too far. Bathing here is strictly forbidden because of the ferocious tidal currents and often-angry seas that collide to create mane-tossing white horses.

The tip is the culmination of a long, curving sweep of sand at Grenen, about 3km northeast of Skagen along Rte 40. Where the road ends there's a car park, restaurant and small art museum. From the car park the 30-minute walk up the long, thin, sweeping stretch of sand passes Holger Drachmann's (1846-1908) grave. Yachts and blue water make an irresistible postcard image, and Skagen's light comes into its own here as the earth, water and sky combine. In high summer, the Skagerakkeren bus runs between Skagen station and Grenen car park. Otherwise, taxis charge about kr80 each way from the town centre.