Silkeborg Museum

Lonely Planet review

Silkeborg Museum is housed in the oldest building in Silkeborg (dating back to 1767). Speaking of old, inside the museum you can check out the amazingly well-preserved body of the Tollund Man , the central (albeit leathery) star in an otherwise predictable collection. Like the Grauballe Man at the Moesgård Museum outside Århus, the life (and death) of the Tollund Man remains a mystery. His intact remains were found around the outskirts of Silkeborg in 1950, and have been carbon dated to around 220 BC. The autopsy suggests he had been hanged, yet he was placed as though lying asleep with only a leather hat over his face and a thin leather noose around his neck. Was he an executed prisoner, or a sacrifice to the gods? That’s the big unanswered question, but the accompanying displays aren’t as engrossing as those at Moesgård.