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Ladbyskibet & Vikingemuseet Ladby/Denmark

Introducing Ladbyskibet & Vikingemuseet Ladby

This historical site (65 32 16 67; Vikingevej 123; adult/child Dkr25/free; 10am-5pm Jun-Aug, to 4pm Tue-Sun Sep-Oct & Mar-May, closed Nov-Feb) comprises the remains of a 22m-long Viking ship that has been skilfully preserved at the place where it was originally excavated in 1935. The ship, which once formed the tomb of a Viking chieftain, was buried in the 10th century. It is the only Viking Age ship burial site uncovered in Denmark to date.

All the wooden planks from the Ladby ship decayed long ago, leaving the imprint of the hull moulded into the earth, along with iron nails, an anchor and the partial remains of the dogs and horses that were buried with their master.

There’s a separate visitor centre at the arrival car park with a 1:10-scale model of the ship and background information about the site.