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Lefkosia (South Nicosia)

Getting there & away




There are many private companies operating out of Lefkosia. Most buses depart from one of three areas: Plateia Solomou, abutting the Tripoli Bastion; Leonidou near the corner of Leoforos Stasinou; and the bus lot next to the Constanza Bastion, 700m further east.

Other services have their own departure points.

Agia napa & paralimni

Eman Buses (2372 1321; Constanza Bastion) One bus at 3pm Monday to Friday to Agia Napa (CY£2.50, one hour).

PEAL Bus Co (2382 1318; Leoforos Stasinou 27) Runs a bus at 1.30pm Monday to Friday to Paralimni and Protaras via Agia Napa (CY£2.50, 1¼ hours).


Intercity Buses Co (2266 5814; Plateia Solomou) Six buses run Monday to Friday and two on Saturday (CY£1.50, 45 minutes).


Alepa Buses (9962 5027; Plateia Solomou) There are two buses a day (2.45pm and 3.45pm, one hour) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and one at 12.45pm on Wednesday and Saturday (CY£2, one hour).

Intercity Buses Co (2266 5814; Plateia Solomou) Seven buses run Monday to Friday and two on Saturday (CY£1.50, one hour).


Alepa Buses (9962 5027; Plateia Solomou) There is a service at 3.45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (CY£3, 1¾ hours) and at 12.45pm on Wednesday and Saturday (CY£3, 1¾ hours).

Nea Amoroza (2693 6822; Plateia Solomou) A bus runs at 6.30am from Monday to Friday via Lemesos and at 7am on Saturday (CY£3, 1¾ hours).

Solis (2266 6388; Plateia Solomou) A minibus runs at noon Monday to Saturday (CY£5, 1¾ hours).


Clarios Bus Co (2275 3234; Constanza Bastion) Has a bus to Troödos at 11.30am Monday to Friday (CY£1.50, one hour) and up to 12 buses a day in summer to Kakopetria (CY£1.20).

Kambos Buses (Leonidou) Runs a bus to Kykkos Monastery at noon Monday to Saturday (CY£1.90).

Pedoulas–Platres Bus (9961 8865, 2295 2437; Leonidou 34) Runs a bus at 12.15pm Monday to Saturday to Pedoulas and Platres (CY£2). The Saturday bus doesn’t continue to Platres.

Car & motorcycle

Traffic approaching Lefkosia tends to come from either the Troödos Massif to the west, or Larnaka and Lemesos in the south. The Larnaka–Lemesos motorway ends fairly abruptly on the outskirts of Lefkosia about 6km south of the Old City. By following the extension of the motorway into the city centre, you will eventually reach Leoforos Arhiepiskopou Makariou III, the main thoroughfare in the New City. Traffic from Troödos will enter the city along Leoforos Georgiou Griva Digeni.

Parking is most easily found at the large car parks abutting the city bastions, to the right of Leoforos Arhiepiskopou Makariou III, or to your left if you approach from the Troödos. The most convenient one for new arrivals is the large lot between the D’Avila and Constanza Bastions on Leoforos Stasinou. Parking costs a minimum of CY£0.30 for two hours. Buy a ticket from the machine and display it on the inside of your windscreen.

Getting out of Lefkosia is made easy by the prominent signs all along Leoforos Stasinou. Be wary, however, of the many one-way streets and the numerous on-street parking restrictions. Avoid the peak period of 11am to 1pm on weekdays when traffic can be very slow.

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Lefkosia’s international airport is in the UN buffer zone and is no longer a functioning airport. All air passengers for Lefkosia will arrive at Larnaka airport in the South.

Most airlines that serve the Republic of Cyprus have offices or representatives in Lefkosia:

Alitalia (2267 4500; www.alitalia.com; Leoforos Evagorou I 54-58)

British Airways (2276 1166; www.britishairways.com; Leoforos Arhiepiskopou Makariou III 52a)

Cyprus Airways (2275 1996; www.cyprusairways.com; Leoforos Arhiepiskopou Makariou III 50)

KLM (2267 1616; www.klm.com; Zinas Kanther 12)

Lufthansa (2287 3330; www.lufthansa.com; cnr Leoforos Arhiepiskopou Makariou III & Leoforos Evagorou I)

Olympic Airlines (2267 2101; www.olympic-airways.com; Leoforos Omirou 17)

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