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Introducing Kakopetria

Kakopetria, or kaki petra (meaning wicked stone), gets its name, according to legend, from a line of stones along the ridge above the village, which brought good luck to newlyweds. Then, one day, perhaps during an earthquake, some of the stones fell onto a hapless couple and killed them, and the village’s name was born. A bizarre and morbid story.

But nowadays life is safe for newlyweds in this village, which sits on two banks of the Karyiotis river. There is a constant flow of visitors here, especially during the summer. The main village of the Solea Valley, Kakopetria has two wonderful hotels and a couple of good restaurants, banks (with ATMs), petrol stations, and a small old quarter, which retains its charm despite the tourists. It is a good place from which to explore the area and see the Byzantine churches.

Sunday picnickers often stop here for a coffee and a stroll on their way between the Troödos and Lefkosia.