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Getting Around

Horse Carts

A state-owned horse and cart around Varadero costs CUC$5 per person for a 45-minute tour or CUC$10 for a full two-hour tour – plenty of time to see the sights.

Moped & Bicycle

Mopeds and bikes are an excellent way of getting off the peninsula and discovering a little of the Cuba outside. Rentals are available at most of the all-inclusive resorts, and bikes are usually lent as part of the package. The generic price is CUC$9 per hour and CUC$25 per day, with gas included in hourly rates (though a levy of CUC$6 may be charged on a 24-hour basis, so ask). There's one Palmares rental post in the center of town with mopeds for those not staying at an all-inclusive. This guy might have a couple of rickety bikes with no gears and 'pedal-backwards' brakes: pay no more than CUC$2 per hour or CUC$15 per day.