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Getting Around

Car & Moped

Santiago de Cuba suffers from a chronic shortage of rental cars (especially in peak season) and you might find there are none available; though the locals have an indefatigable Cuban ability to conseguir (to manage or get) and resolver (to resolve or work out). The airport offices usually have better availability than those in town. If you're completely stuck, you can usually rent one at the Hotel Guantánamo, two hours to the east.

Cubacar rents out mopeds for CUC$25 per day. There is also an office at Antonio Maceo International Airport.

Guarded parking is available in Parque Céspedes, directly below the Hotel Casa Granda. Official attendants, complete with small badges, charge CUC$1 a day and CUC$1 a night.

The Servi-Cupet gas station is open 24 hours. There's an Oro Negro gas station on the Carretera del Morro and another Oro Negro on the Carretera Central at the northern entrance to Santiago de Cuba.

To & From the Train Station

To get into town from the train station, catch a southbound horse cart (1 peso) to the clock tower at the north end of Parque Alameda, from which Aguilera (to the left) climbs straight up to Parque Céspedes. Horse carts between the National Bus Station (they'll shout 'Alameda') and train station (1 peso) run along Av Juan Gualberto Gómez and Av Jesús Menéndez. A taxi to the Viazul bus station costs CUC$4-ish.

Bus & Truck

Useful city buses include bus 212 to the airport and Ciudamar, bus 213 to Punta Gorda (both of these buses start from Av de los Libertadores, opposite Hospital de Maternidad, and head south on Felix Peña in the casco histórico), and bus 214 or 407 to Siboney (from near Av de los Libertadores No 425). Bus 5 to El Caney stops on the northwestern corner of Plaza de Marte and at General Cebreco and Calle 3 in Vista Alegre. These buses (20 centavos) run every hour or so; more frequent trucks (1 peso) serve the same routes.

Trucks to El Cobre and points north leave from Av de las Américas near Calle M. On trucks and buses you should be aware of pickpockets and wear your backpack in front.

Santiago de Cuba Street Names

Welcome to another city where the streets have two names.

Old name New name
Calvario Porfirio Valiente
Carniceria Pío Rosado
Enramada José A Saco
José Miguel Gómez Havana
Paraíso Plácido
Reloj Mayía Rodríguez
Rey Pelayo Joaquín Castillo Duany
San Félix Hartmann
San Francisco Sagarra
San Gerónimo Sánchez Hechavarría
San Mateo Sao del Indio
Santa Rita Diego Palacios
Santo Tómas Felix Peña
Trinidad General Portuondo