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Introducing Roč

Small and sleepy Roč, 8km southeast of Buzet, is snug within its 15th-century walls. A meander will reveal the Romanesque Church of St Anthony, a 15th-century Renaissance house in the square next to the church, and a Roman lapidarium within the town gate. The tourist office has keys to all the town’s churches, so ask here if you want to see the interiors, and a replica of the Gutenberg press. It also has information about the fresco workshop that’s on offer in town.

Roč slumbers most of the year, roused only by the annual Accordion Festival on the second Sunday in May, which gathers accordion players from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

One of the town’s stone buildings houses a regional restaurant, Ročka Konoba, which has outdoor tables and a fireplace indoors. Discover Istrian specialities such as fuži, homemade sausages and maneštra. At the new Biskoteka shop you can try about 30 rakija varieties, including seven brands of biska.

There are private rooms in town for about 100KN per night; the tourist office has details.