Rector’s Palace

Rector’s Palace information

Dubrovnik , Croatia
Pred Dvorom 3
adult/concession 35/15KN, audioguide 30KN
Opening hours
9am-6pm May-Oct, to 4pm Nov-Apr
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The Gothic-Renaissance Rector’s Palace was built in the late 15th century and is adorned with outstanding sculptural ornamentation. It retains a striking compositional unity despite being rebuilt many times. Notice the finely carved capitals and the ornate staircase in the atrium, which is often used for concerts during the Summer Festival. Also in the atrium is a statue of Miho Pracat, who bequeathed his wealth to the Republic and was the only commoner in the 1000 years of the Republic’s existence to be honoured with a statue (1638). We may assume that the bequest was considerable. The palace was built for the rector who governed Dubrovnik, and it contains the rector’s office, his private chambers, public halls and administrative offices. Interestingly, the elected rector was not permitted to leave the building during his one-month term without the permission of the senate. Today the palace has been turned into a museum with artfully restored rooms, portraits, coats-of-arms and coins, evoking the glorious history of Dubrovnik.