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San Gerardo de Rivas

Introducing San Gerardo de Rivas

If you have plans to climb Chirripó, you’re in the right place – the tiny, tranquil town of San Gerardo de Rivas is at the doorstep of the national park. This is a place to get supplies, a good night’s rest and a hot shower before embarking on the trek.

Although hikers are keen to press on to the park as quickly as possible, the logistics of getting up the mountain and the infrequent bus schedule will almost certainly require a night in San Gerardo before the hike, the night after or both. Luckily, the boulder-strewn Río Chirripó and bird-filled alpine scenery make it a beautiful place to linger. Those who don't have the time or energy to summit Chirripó have lovely, less difficult hikes in the Cloudbridge Nature Preserve.