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Introducing Buenos Aires

A small town about 64km southeast of San Isidro, Buenos Aires is in the center of an important pineapple-producing region. If you don’t notice the farms, you will surely spot the Del Monte plant that is just north of town along the Interamericana.

It is also something of an administrative center for the indigenous groups in the surrounding regions. The Ujarrás, Salitre and Cabagra groups all have reserves north of here, while the Reserva Indígena Boruca is to the south. The Asociacíon Regional Aborigen del Dikes (Aradikes; 730 0289; www.aradikes.org) is a local organization that works to increase the capacity of indigenous communities in the Buenos Aires region. Efforts range from reforestation to cultural tourism to activism against the Boruca hydroelectric project. This is a good source of information about visiting Boruca.

Buenos Aires is a hot, tranquil town centered around a tree-filled plaza. This shady Parque Central is – at times – the town’s only relief from the searing heat. There is a handful of places to stay, but few facilities catering to travelers. That’s probably because very few travelers pass through this town, which does not offer much in the way of sights or activities. Nonetheless, it is a useful entry point for the indigenous reserves in the region, as well as the Reserva Biológica Dúrika (730 0657; www.durika.org), which has an office here. Take the right-hand turn off the main road into town and follow the signs.