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Introducing Península de Osa & Golfo Dulce

Sure, it's difficult to get here, but the remote southwestern corner of the country is regarded as Costa Rica's most picturesque, pristine and exciting turf. Although much of the rainforest in Costa Rica is protected, no other region can offer the extent of wildlife found in Osa. In Corcovado, it’s possible to see all four native species of monkey in the canopy overhead, while otherwise rare animals such as Baird’s tapir can be spotted regularly. Indeed, the Osa peninsula is striking evidence that the beauty of the rainforest is worth saving.

Beyond Corcovado, the Osa peninsula captivates travelers with abandoned wilderness beaches, world-class surf and opportunities for rugged exploration. In a country where adventure is all too often downgraded and packaged for tourist consumption, Osa is the real deal. Simply put, it’s a place for travelers with youthful hearts, intrepid spirits and a yearning for something truly wild.