major dental work in CR??

I've been hearing about amazing and inexpensive dental work options in Latin American countries (compared to costs in Canada where I live). I need some major dental work done (implant) and would love the option of saving a few thousand dollars by having work done in Costa Rica which I will visit next month. I would like to hear if it is worth disrupting the holiday for dental work, caliber of work others have had in that country, etc. I find many dental businesses advertise dental tourism -…


Liberia/Nicoya/North Mid-December Itinerary & General Questions

Hi all,
My partner and I (females in our early 30's) will be traveling to CR in mid-December. We'll be flying into Liberia on Thursday afternoon, and will be staying in the Nosara area from Thursday - Sunday (this is firm). We fly out of Liberia on Friday afternoon, giving us about 4-5 days to explore elsewhere. We may stay in the Nosara area through Monday or Tuesday, as of now we are flexible on our departure from Nosara and looking at what our options are.

We've got an SUV rental booked,…


Alternativel to monteverde


I am looking for a decent place in the south of Costa Rica to stay for a couple of days - mainly to break up the journey from Corcovado to San jose. I know there are some cloud forests around San Gerardo. Interested in hiking by not climbing chirippo.



SJO, Arenal, Manuel Antonio, Mais Pal, Montezuma - best route between them?

Pretty much decided to go to all of these locations but curious what the best route would be between them. Haven't booked anything yet so can be in any order.
-My partner and I arrive at SJO 7am Jan. 8 and will be leaving 8am Jan. 21.
-Plan to take shuttles, possibly busses, may consider a car or ATV for short/easy distances but would prefer to not drive. Would be nice if part of the route was on a boat.

Thanks for any advice! And if anyone has any accommodation recommendations $100 USD or…


Hi, I am planning to take a Bus from San Jose to Nicaragua and Need some Advice on this please...


I would like to know if anyone has had experience with traveling by bus from San Jose Costa Rica to Nicaragua?

Firstly... Do you need to pay a Departure Tax when traveling by bus?? I know you need to pay $28 for leaving CR if flying, but what about by Bus?

Second: I have heard that TICA Bus is the best to ride on into Nicaragua... Does this bus take you into Granada as well or only Managua?

also Where can I buy a ticket for Tica bus? at Juan Santa Maria or a separate bus station?


Domincal / Osa, 7 weeks (Jan-Feb) ... Activities? 4x4 rental?

My girlfriend and I are traveling to Costa Rica in mid January for a 7 week trip, mostly planning to travel around the southern pacific region. The first couple of weeks, and the last week of our trip, we reserved accommodations in Dominical, but there's another 4 weeks in the middle of our trip that we wish to fill up with traveling around the OSA,

we're interested in:
Surfing. Dominical is a fun wave for me, and I hope to explore more of what the area has to offer wave-wise.
Hiking the…


How long in drake bay?

I am thinking of heading to Drake bay in a couple of days to go to Corcovado. I really wanted to do the 3 day hike but can't afford it so looking at the day trip, which costs about $85.

But drake bay is difficult to get to and I don't want to spend all that time travelling unless I can stay for 3-4 nights.

Are there free hikes to be done in the area? I know there is a coastal trail but not sure if I need a guide or a park permit.

Also, are there other things to do such as beach that could…


Trip to costa rica with 2 years old

Hi ,
we are just begin to plan our trip to Costa Rica for the end of December until the middle of January ( 13 days) .
we are traveling 2 adults and one infant ( 2 1/2 years old) .
the only thing that we know is that we want to rent a car that we will be able to travel by our self .
also we want to visit Poas and Arenal volcano and see a lot of animals .
i will really appreciate your help with planning this vacation :)
i understand that January is busy month - do we need to book the hotels/…


1 week in Costa Rica

Hello Fellow travelers,

I am going to Costa Rica for a week and after doing some research I ended up with a schedule and I would like your feedback please! Is it a schedule too busy? Would you recommend to pass on something and do something else?...
We arrive at the airport Liberia. The plan would be to rent a car for the week from Monday 19th to Sunday 25th.

Monday January 19th => Liberia airport > Manuel Antonio National with rental car (5 hours drive?)
Tuesday January 20th =>…


San Jose International Airport to Santa Teresa

We are a group of eight people coming to Costa Rica for a vacation. We need to get to Santa Teresa from San Jose Juan Santamaria International Airport. We arrive in the evening at 7-8 pm local time. What would you recommend us to do? Rent a car? Order a tranportation?

Thank you for helping.