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Monteverde & Santa Elena , Costa Rica
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meetings 10:30am Sun, 9am Wed
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This simple meeting house in Monteverde is the ‘church’ of the American Society of Friends, or the Quakers, who first settled this area and committed to protect a portion of the cloud forest.

In 1949 four Quakers in Alabama were jailed for their refusal to be drafted to fight in the Korean War. In response, a group of 44 Quakers from 11 families left the US and headed for (much) greener pastures, literally. The Quakers settled in Monteverde (Green Mountain) for two reasons – the absence of a military and the cool, mountain climate. Ensconced in their isolated refuge, they adopted a simple, trouble-free life of dairy farming and cheese production. Years later, in an effort to protect the watershed above its 15-sq-km plot in Monteverde, the Quaker community agreed to preserve the mountaintop cloud forest, eventually leading to the establishment of the reserve.