Monteverde Cheese Factory

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Monteverde & Santa Elena , Costa Rica
+506 2645 7090
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tours adult/child US$12/10
Opening hours
store 7:30am-5pm Mon-Sat, to 4pm Sun, tours 9am & 2pm Mon-Sat
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Until the upswing in ecotourism, Monteverde’s number-one employer was the Monteverde Cheese Factory, which was started in 1953 by Monteverde’s original Quaker settlers. Learn about the history of the Quakers in Costa Rica and their methods for producing and pasteurizing cheese on a two-hour tour of the factory (reservations required). You can also pop in any time to sample the creamy goodness. Bonus: now there’s a Santa Elena outlet , right next door to the Catholic church.

The Monteverde Cheese Factory is now the second-largest cheese producer in the country. It’s no longer owned by the Quakers (it’s now owned by the Mexican giant Sigma Alimentos), but the factory still uses their name and recipes, producing everything from a creamy Gouda to a very nice sharp, white cheddar, as well as other dairy products such as yogurt and, most importantly, ice cream. Don’t miss the chance to sample Monte Rico, a Monteverde original.